Lingerie Masterclass With Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Lingerie Masterclass at the National Tailoring Academy With Caoimhe O'Dwyer

Advanced workshop to learn how to making luxury lingerie with former La Perla design consultant Caoimhe O’Dwyer.

Bridal and Evening Wear Course

Jennifer Young excellence in craftsman ship winning piece

In this course students will learn how to make their own evening or bridal dress from inception to completion under the guidance of a specialist couturier.

Ladies Jacket Making Masterclass with Master Tailor Brita Hirsch

Brita Hirsch guest lecturer

Spend three weekends with Master Tailor Brita Hirsch who will be travelling over from the UK especially for these amazing advanced classes.

Master Classes in Pattern Grading for Ladies and Gents Outerwear

This 6 week course will start from basic level of Pattern Grading and progressing on to grading on fully styled patterns.

Fitting and Measuring Workshop

A half day masterclass in how to correctly measure men and women for bespoke clothing, and for retailers to learn how to pin and mark clothing for alteration, and identify and correct fit problems.

Alterations Workshop

Machine work

Are you tired of having to go get your clothes altered? Do you have a mounting pile of clothes that need to be taken up, taken in or altered in some way? Well why not learn how to do your own alterations at our 1 Day Alterations Short Course. Never again will you consider stapling that hem!!