Beginners Menswear Pattern Cutting

Fold Out coat pattern from 1896

With most beginners’ pattern courses aimed at womenswear and starting off with a skirt, we run a course exclusively aimed at menswear. No previous experience required.

Jacket Pattern Cutting - Womenswear

Collars, sleeves, busts, chests, lapels… learn how to cut a pattern to eliminate any niggles or fit issues with your jacket shapes. Interiors, linings and pattern structure are all covered by our ladies master tailor.

Dress Pattern Cutting And Pattern Styling

Dress Pattern

Taught by Master Tailor (womenswear) Andréa Boyle, with experience working for John Rocha, Louis Kennedy, Tyrrell and Brennan, and Avoca, there’s very little Andréa doesn’t know about cutting for a great fit!

Trouser Cutting and Pattern Styling

Pattern cutting Class

Women’s Trouser Patterns Covered in detail over three weeks, one day a week. Learn where to alter patterns to solve fit problems and how to cut pockets and waistband patterns accurately with our womenswear master tailor.

One On One Pattern Tuition

Working with pattern tutor and master tailor Andrea Boyle

Please contact us at +353 (0)1 8148883 to enquire about private lessons at the National Tailoring Academy.

Skirt Cutting And Sewing

Victorian Dress Pattern

This is one of our shortest courses. Over two days our experienced pattern cutter will go through various skirt styles and shapes and instruct students on how to manipulate the basic skirt block.